Why Choose Vizoovet Plus Mist - other than it's sooooo much easier to administer than eye drops

Here are a few key reasons to choose Vizoovet Plus:

  1. Clinically shown to improve symptoms of dry eye and help corneal ulcers heal faster compared to serum. Studies have demonstrated its safety and efficacy.

  2. Can help with keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) caused by lack of mucin production. Provides lubrication and protection.

  3. Considered very safe for long-term use. No known interactions with other medications. Can be used safely even on burn injuries to the cornea.

  4. An affordable option for animal shelters compared to more expensive prescription medications. Can make animals' eyes look better for adoption.

  5. Comes in a nano-mist sprayer formulation that reduces particle size for improved absorption. The ultra-fine mist is gentle, refreshing and barely noticeable for pets, making application easier compared to eye drops.

In summary, Vizoovet Plus has research backing its efficacy, a good safety profile, versatility of use, and unique spray formulations that can improve treatment compliance and outcomes. Those seem to be the key advantages that set it apart from other eye lubricants.Fear Free , stress free eye drops for dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, rodents, avian

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