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VIZOOVET Lubricant Dry iSpray with HA

VIZOOVET Lubricant Dry iSpray with HA

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Why You Need VIZOOVET® Dry iSpray -

#1 Stress free eye treatment 

#2  Nano-Spray technology can penetrate physiological barriers larger particles can’t turns the liquid into an ultra fine mist your pet will hardly notice.

More economical - it's not wasted

Another advantage is the particle sizes are so small it can penetrate physiological barriers to access live tissues larger particles can’t get to. Dread the 2 times per day to give eye drops? NO LONGER! Gone are more wrestling your dog, cat, horse, bird, reptile or rabbit to get the drops into the eye!

Vizoovet® Dry iSpray™  now with HA is the easy simple fix for Dry Eye in Pets

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