What do we do at petnetwork?

Our commitment to you is simply this: 

We will treat your pet as if they were our own.

Our best chance to help your pet is to take care of you.

Magnificent animals.

 Our number one concern is Pet eye health. Our websites eye drops for dogs, Petnetwork Rx, Petnetwork.me have been leading all with the safest most effective products for dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, reptiles, rodents, and most importantly making it easier to fix your pet’s eye problems. Our website Vizoovet.us raises funds for shelter animals. Eye Care for Animal founder, Ruben Merideth DACVO explained that the shelters don't have the money for cyclosporin, corticosteroids and analgesics and antibiotics, that Vizoovet provides an affordable option for them and that's where he's using it. Vizoovet for KCS on Behance

Petnetwork learns by following and maintaining relationships with as many as possible  of the veterinary ophthalmologists, the dog eye docs. We pay attention at the lectures on treatments for pet eye infections, diseases, the latest treatments for your pet’s conjunctivitis, ulcers, exudative discharges, eye injuries and follow the eye specialists for pets directives on product ingredients like hyaluronic acid, natural extracts and make our customers aware of surgical corrective measures the specialists offer for your animals eye health and vision. If we don’t have the very best product for your best friend’s condition we’ll tell you what it is and where to get it.  We bring you Vizoovet, Vizoovet Protect and now Vizoovet HA spray and drops. We have published peer-reviewed clinical studies on these products not just ingredients extrapolated from some other study done somewhere on unrelated combinations of ingredients and on different diseases that what your pet has.

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We bring your veterinary clinic and specialists Jett Plasma Veterinary. This gives your trusted doctors of pets options there haven’t been before like correcting Meibomian Gland Dysfunction - a leading cause of KCS, Kerato-Conjunctivitis Sicca commonly known and dry eye in dogs cats and horses. What this means is there’s a good chance it gets corrected where you won’t have to wipe the goopy exudate from their eyes,  administer meds drops and sprays twice daily! You could see clear eyes in your pets always instead of bloodshot, swollen, itchy, irritated tear-stained eyes.

Jett Plasma Vet also can alleviate corneal ulcers caused by entropion which is when the eye lashes grow the wrong direction and INTO the eye which leads to vision loss and pain.  Your pet’s eye specialist now has a tool to correct this condition without causing a surgically induced “dry eye” for life because with Jett Plasma Vet they can remove the hair follicle without destroying the gland that produces mucin which keeps the tears from evaporating too fast. Important because there is no blood supply to the anterior segment or front of the eye where the cornea, iris and pupils are. The tear film is where the front of the eye gets oxygen, nutrients, exchanges gasses and waste is removed. If there’s a problem with any of the three glands producing tears - your pet needs to get to your animal clinic and they may refer to their ophthalmologists. Tear stains are more than unsightely cosmetic issues. Tear stains are an indication of eye disease that can lead to vision loss.

Basset Hounds and other breeds are known for droopy eyes. Those eyelids often can’t hold tear film onto the eyes. Again, a serious condition for continued vision. Jett Plasma Vet can be used to reshape those eyelids where the tears stay put keeping ocular health for these animals. Ask your eye care for professionals about it.


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