Treating Meibomian Gland Disorder with Jett Plasma Vet

My first Jett Plasma Vet procedure went extremely well, the device worked perfectly I only needed to use oral sedation (Trazodone or Gabapentin.) Sebum came up out of the glands. Awesome. We will see what the patient looks like next week. But seriously. I was impressed today. I think you are onto something here. This could be very beneficial to many dogs!!

Ok, so I Iust did my  second Jett Plasma Vet procedure The procedure went really well on a  9 year old golden retriever. This dog had Meibomian gland dysfunction and poor tear film quality. Also mild ptosis. Interestingly, that improved after the Jett Plasma Vet. At the first recheck I saw an incredible difference!! Ptosis resolved. Inflammation almost completely gone. Tear film quality back to normal. Fantastic! - Joel Wolfer DACVO

Treating Meibomian Gland Disorder from on Vimeo.


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