It's Winter - and my dog's eyes are runny with the temp change.

SO, (and I am sure we understand this scenero), I go outside from being inside a heated place... and BAMM...I'm hit with a temp drop of 40 degrees.

My eyes are runny...and my dogs eyes (after he takes off to play) are a mess with goop, eye gunk... and just irritated.   I grab for my Vizoovet Protect. My vet introduced me to Vizoovet when, once again, my dog had conjunctivitis.  Because Vizoovet does not contain steroids unlike other eye drops do, I was finally introduced to it by my vet  Someone I trust with my animals' care. Vizoovet just works and the results are just that.  Results. I will never go back to OTC eye care: allergy, red eye relief, eye infection, etc that I buy at the grocery store.  I have found my solution.  BTW- I buy Vizoovet Protect at   I am already ready for Spring.   

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