Visuvet® Nano Devices for Veterinary Medicine

Visuvet® Nano Devices for Veterinary Medicine

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  • There are a few potential benefits to using eye drops with nano-sized particles:
  • Improved penetration and delivery: Nanoparticles are much smaller than regular medicine particles, allowing them to more easily penetrate the structures of the eye such as the cornea and conjunctiva. This can result in more effective delivery of the active drug to its target site.

  • Sustained release: Some nanoparticle formulations are designed to slowly release the drug over an extended period, providing prolonged therapeutic benefits compared to regular drops that wash away quickly. This can improve compliance for medications that need to be taken frequently.

  • Precise targeting: Nanoparticles may help deliver drugs specifically to areas of the eye where they are needed most, such as the back of the eye in the case of retinal diseases. This can maximize efficacy while reducing unwanted side effects.

  • Use of less medication: The increased penetration and sustained effects sometimes allow effective treatment with lower overall doses of medication compared to conventional drops. This can help minimize costs and reduce risk of side effects.

  • Easy self-administration: Nanoparticle drops are designed to be administered like regular eye drops, so they provide convenience of use compared to other ocular drug delivery methods like injections.

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