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The safest most effective natural eye product for your pet.

This product has been validated by UC Davis by a study conducted by veterinary ophthalmologists and published in the journal of the ACVO: Click here to read it

Immediate lubrication and comfort, ocular surface protection and pain relief and recovery of the eye's normal Ocular surface disorder encompasses different types of diseases which are based on a damage of the surface of the cornea which include dry eye syndrome or typical symptoms after ocular surgery and corneal erosions.
Ocular surface disorder can severely affect eyesight and quality of life. Symptoms may include blurry vision, discomfort or pain, redness and itching, and in severe cases, blindness due to corneal scarring.
The first “green” eyedrops in the world
10 x 0,5 ml ampoules of Propolis – Aloe Vera – Chamomile drops .
Naturally Effective on dry eye, KCS, allergic conjunctivitis and corneal erosion.
Drops down the tear osmolarity to its normal level and relieves the pain in a very short time.
No more blepharitis and eye rubbing/scratching.
PROPOLIS is a special type of bee wax specifically used for protection of bee hives from surrounding factors. It’s been used for centuries worldwide for various health issues. Many scientific studies have indicated its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain relief and immune stimulating abilities. Rich in polyphenols and other components, this natural ingredient may play an important role in protection of the ocular surface.
ALOE (lat. Aloe Vera) is a well-known and widely used plant known for its lubricating and protective abilities. Many scientific studies have indicated its ability to relieve and restore. Containing aloins and emodins among others, it’s indicated for recovery and comforting, also in fighting various inflammations. This natural ingredient may play an important role in the comfort and protection of the ocular surface.
CHAMOMILE (lat. Chamomilla Matricaria) is one of the most well-known and used plant. Containing alfa-bisabolos and azulens among other components this plant is indicated as a spasmolytic and antiseptic within scientific studies. This natural ingredient may play an important role in protection and comfort of the ocular surface.

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